Friday, January 18, 2013

Sally at the shore

Sally loved the trip to St Mark's to see the Gulf.

She went right in, but then decided the salt water wasn't that great.

Terry took her out on the rocks.

She seemed to enjoy the view.

 We all had a good day.

We saw a Brown Pelican.

A whole flock of Coot

Closer look at Coot with yellow bills

December Trip to Biloxi

Beautiful Christmas decorations at Beau Rivage casino

Marc at Beau Rivage

Another Christmas display

Marc at the Gingerbread display at IP casino

Marilyn enjoying the week of vacation

Birding in September


Nikki and Randy from Ohio enjoy the boat tour of the Wakulla River.
September, 2012

Marilyn and sister Nikki at Wakulla State park

Beautiful birds to see including this Great Blue Heron 
And some really big alligators

Terry gets the canoes ready for more bird watching.
This time along the Wacissa river.

Marilyn trying for good photos.
Terry doing all the work

Beautiful day, peaceful river

Randy and Nikki enjoy the scenery as well as the bird photo ops

Moor Hen

Nikki spotted a King Fisher

Here's a Little Blue Heron eating a Helgramite.

Interesting Cypress trees reflected in the water.

Nikki got a great pic of a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.

Nikki came eye to eye with this Great Blue Heron.


We spooked these Egrets on the way back.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon State Park near Lumpkin, Ga

A short hike of about 1/4 mi. takes you to the bottom of the canyon. Not much of a river. The canyon was formed by run off water which eroded the hillsides after farmers had cleared and ploughed the land in about 1820.

The sand and red clay of GA was washed away over a short period of only about 150 years.

Erosion can do all this.

Wild pink Azaleas

Terry inspecting Kudzu, an invasive plant that vines over everything in it's path.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family trip to Las Vegas

Fred Marcia Jolynn Marilyn Marc at Palazzo Casino

Marc at Bellagio

Fred Marcia Jolynn Marilyn at Bellagio

Dinner at Bellagio Cafe

Jolynn wins at Tropicana slots

Cosmopolitan 3 story chandelier
View of Bellagio fountains from Cosmopolitan 36th fl

View from Cosmopolitan

Marc Marilyn at Bellagio

Bellagio Conservatory

Live butterfly at Bellagio Conservatory

Marc with stork made from flowers

Off strip view - Rio

Marc with living sculpture at Venetian

She's happy now

Marilyn Jolynn Marcia fun at Venetian gondola ride

Jolynn rides the tiger at Mirage Secret Gardens

White tiger at Mirage gardens

Dolphin at Mirage

Dolphin feeding at Mirage